Marc de Simon – "Salvation In Trance 2011"
Release date: 2011-10-07 / Catalog no.: pat60026 / Format: Download-Album
The year is 2011 A.D. and "Salvation In Trance 2011" - the fourth album of the dance music producer Marc de Simon - is completed after a whole year of intensive work. This album is not just a new release within the series "Salvation In Trance", it is also a milestone and further step of development in the musical career of this young artist. The previous album, which is the foundation to the series "Salvation In Trance", has caused lots of attention and positive feedback of reknowned DJs and radio stations already. This new album in 2011, which is released on Port-au-Trance Recordings, is a consequent further development of Marc de Simon's musical style, which is now more grown-up in terms of sound, arrangement and stylistic elements. There's a clear influence of high-level international trance sounds and productions, which borrows also elements of the genres house and electro. It is intended by the artist Marc de Simon, that exactly this hot mixture of trance, house, and electro sounds also acts as a precursor for upcoming releases in 2012.

Check out the micro site at and Marc de Simon's page on Facebook: now. There you'll find more information, further prelistening streams and video clips.

1. Marc de Simon – Losing Gravity (4:15)
2. Marc de Simon – Beauty of Simplicity (8:27)
3. Marc de Simon – Set Sail For The Stars (7:00)
4. Marc de Simon – Timewarp (5:04)
5. Marc de Simon feat. The Flow – Eye Candy (7:15)
6. Marc de Simon – Life Is Beautiful (6:07)
7. Marc de Simon – Leaving Your Past Behind (7:07)
8. Marc de Simon – Facing Destiny (7:46)
9. Marc de Simon – The Key Barrier (7:49)
10. Marc de Simon – Remember (7:52)
11. Marc de Simon feat. The Flow – Eye Candy (6:00)