Marc de Simon feat. Alesia – "Fall And Tears 2010"
Release date: 2009-12-29 / Catalog no.: pat60023 / Format: Download-EP

Just in time with the cold season the remake of "Fall and Tears" with the title Marc de Simon featuring Alesia - "Fall and Tears (2010)" has been released.

As seen in the release title, the production is branded by a new female vocal artist, performing under the artist name "Alesia" in music business, definetifely calling even more attention in future. With here voice she provides even more brilliance to the production.

"Fall and Tears" has been one of the most favorite tunes for Marc de Simon and his fans, since the initial release on the album "Blend" in 2007. Therefore it was about time for a remake with more contemporary sound and arrangement.

To complete the production, a remix competition has been started. From over 30 entries from all over the world, the top seven versions have been selected for you.

There is a website ready for this production as well, which can be accessed at now. There you'll find information on the release and furthermore demo versions of the production and remixes.

We're looking forward to more projects by Alesia and Marc de Simon. They are already working on futher productions, so stay tuned!

1. Fall And Tears 2010 (Original Mix) (4:15)
2. Fall And Tears 2010 (Fanatic Clubber Handsup Edit) (3:44)
3. Fall And Tears 2010 (Fall 'n The Miss Remix) (5:37)
4. Fall And Tears 2010 (Phil Dinner Remix) (6:04)
5. Fall And Tears 2010 (Silversound Remix) (3:31)
6. Fall And Tears 2010 (Bassreactor Remix) (5:55)
7. Fall And Tears 2010 (Dan Cole Club Mix) (6:09)
8. Fall And Tears 2010 (DancAble Jumping Fall Remix Edit) (3:08)