Marc de Simon – "Blend (Recommended by Klubbers Inc. DJ Team)"
Release date: 2008-05-20 / Catalog no.: pat60014 / Format: Download-Album
1981 born Simon Theophil is the person behind the producer a.k.a Marc de Simon, who is based in Karlsruhe, Germany. Actually he is an educated software developer, but in 1997 he discovered his interest in music production on his PC. Since that time the achievements in music production software have rapidly increased und meanwhile Marc de Simon has found his own style. In the beginning of the year 2004 he got to know further DJs and producers of the German music scene like the Klubbers Inc. DJ-Team, DJ Mindforce or PI-Factor. 2005 Marc de Simon has his break-through with songs like "Rainbow Sky", "China 2005" and "Stars". The album "Blend" is a current draft of his latest works. A lot of the titles contained on this album have been picked for the tops of their playlists from Klubbers Inc. DJ-Team and many other DJs worldwide, therefore this album is recommended to all lovers of best club trance.