Ole van Dansk – "Massive Trance Collectibles-EP"
Release date: 2005-08-10 / Catalog no.: pat60002 / Format: Download-EP
Ole van Dansk, member of DJs@Work with a slammin trance EP. After the respectable success of his solo-singles "Shining Star" and "How I Wish", which especially caused furore in the canadian and japanese charts, the born Dane proofs, that successful trance may come from Germany as well. With 5 brand-new, exclusively and only as download available tracks on his "Massive Trance Collectibles-EP" Ole van Dansk sets a new mark in the trance scene. Six tracks, five smashers for clubs and discotheques, car stereo, mp3 player, etc.


1. Ole van Dansk - Stomp (Extended Mix) 5:56
2. Ole van Dansk - Stomp (Extra Large Mix) 6:47
3. Ole van Dansk - Truly Happy (Extended Club Mix) 7:15
4. Ole van Dansk - I Wrote A Hymn For You (Trance Anthem Mix) 7:12
5. Ole van Dansk - Watch Out (Extended Club Mix) 7:57
6. Ole van Dansk - All The Drums (Extended Club Mix) 6:47
Massive Trance Collectibles - EP